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Western Conference Playoff Preview: #3 Los Angeles Clippers vs #6 Golden State Warriors

By: Prad

The stage is set for an action-packed series featuring two teams with a fierce rivalry and enough heart to eliminate the other even if that means getting swept in the Western Conference Semifinals. Both offenses include a stellar cast of perimeter shooters and rough front courts. If you want to see defense, then you will have to shield your eyes from this matchup. It’s not that both teams are atrocious at defense, it’s just that both teams have an overwhelming amount of offensive prowess.

Blake Griffin will surely have some memorable dunks against a team where things get a little bit more personal Courtesy of Bleacher Report
Blake Griffin will surely have some memorable dunks against a team that makes him get a bit testy
Courtesy of Bleacher Report

For you offensive enthusiasts, this series has as much as you can find with thrilling dunks and guaranteed 30-point outbursts from some notable names. The head coaches from the two teams have very different levels of experience with Doc Rivers previously winning a title in Boston and Mark Jackson making just his second playoff appearance.  This series is surely to go down as one of the best in this year’s playoffs, if not the best when its all said and done.


Los Angeles Clippers

There is no doubt that Chris Paul is the third best player in the league only after LeBron and Durant. He did not disappoint Clippers fans with averages of 19.1 points, 10.7 assists, 4.3 rebounds, and 2.5 steals. It is as much as his statistics as the intangibles he possesses that makes him spectacular. He possesses leadership and floor general skills that cannot be understated. His assist numbers and teammates can only validate that claim. His numbers against the Warriors are even more better than his regular season averages. In three meetings with Golden State, CP3 averaged 28 points, 12.7 assists, and 3.7 steals per contest. Stephen Curry will probably not guard him in the series, as Curry is a subpar defender.  Paul will draw matchups against either Klay Thompson or Andre Iguodala with the former being more likely. They may be able to limit his scoring but there is no chance they can stifle his distributing since Paul has way too many options and scorers on his unit.

CP3 is looking to pick apart the Warrior's defense with his maestro-like passing Courtesy of USA Today
CP3 is looking to pick apart the Warrior’s defense with his maestro-like passing
Courtesy of USA Today

The front court has only matured over the last couple seasons. Initially DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin were well known for lob city, but have transformed their games into much more. Jordan has turned into an excellent defender and rebounder. He leads the league in rebounds (13.6 RPG), field goal percentage (67.6%), and is third in blocked shots (1.48 BPG). He collected 4 offensive boards a game in the regular season. If he can have that same production in the playoffs, it’ll give Los Angeles more offensive possessions and opportunities to score. Blake Griffin is a very different player though. He averaged a career high 24.1 points and led the team in scoring to along with 9.5 boards per game. David Lee will draw the assignment of Griffin, which is not great for Golden state. Lee has been burned in the past on the defensive side of the ball, so Draymond Green may be guarding Griffin for some time as well. Griffin will definitely take advantage of his weak matchup which could be a difference maker.


Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, also known as the Splash Brothers, need to be more effective than ever against a Clippers unit that defends the three ball well. In fact, the Clippers are the best in the NBA at defending the three with opponents only shooting 33.2% from beyond the arc. Curry will draw an assignment from Chris Paul, who will be pestering him all night. In order for the Warriors to compete until the end, Curry needs to keep his turnovers down, which will be difficult as Paul is one of the best on-ball defenders in the game. Paul, who thrives at stealing the ball, will be less effective if the ball is moving within the offense more. Thompson, who will have Willie Green on him for the majority of the time, will need to step his game up throughout the series as he will be tasked with a greater scoring burden.

Klay Thompson needs his threes to splash against a fierce perimeter defense Courtesy of Sports Illustrated
Klay Thompson needs his threes to splash against a fierce perimeter defense
Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Starting center Andrew Bogut is injured indefinitely with a fractured rib. Jermaine O’Neal will take his place in the starting unit, something he has not been tasked with very frequently this season. He needs to adjust quickly to the extended playing time and needs to box out Griffin and stop Jordan from grabbing offensive boards. O’Neal does have experience on his side though as this is his 14th trip to the playoffs in 19 seasons in the league. He may be able to be an asset, but that is yet to be determined. Additionally, David Lee needs to be terrific on both sides of the ball for Golden State to have any shot of winning the series. He averaged 19.2 points and 9.3 boards this season. It would be good enough if he had similar production on offense. However, his biggest task is guarding Blake Griffin. He needs to keep Griffin under 25 points every night, so ball distribution will be greatly limited. Iguodala will come over for the help defense a lot and Iggy is one of the best defenders in the NBA, so it is bound to be effective. Golden State will need to make up on defense for the loss of their anchor in Bogut.


Los Angeles Will Advance in 6 games

Can Stephen Curry answer the bell with a gritty Clippers defense? Courtesy of The Los Angeles Times
Can Stephen Curry answer the bell with a gritty Clippers defense?
Courtesy of The Los Angeles Times

The intra-California series will attract some hefty TV ratings. All of Los Angeles will be watching with the Lakers not qualifying, something that has not occurred since 2005. This is only a testament to the fact that the market in Los Angeles is moving towards the Clippers. There will be scuffles throughout this series, but Los Angeles will come out on top. The Clippers have greater depth and the injury to Andrew Bogut only limits the Warrior’s options. Sixth man Jamal Crawford will be a major factor in the Clippers winning the series because he can create his own shot off the dribble. If he and JJ Redick can provide valuable minutes for the second unit, then the Clippers can make it to the Western Conference Finals without a hitch.

Top NBA Free Agent’s Destination

By: Jonathan, THE Brooklyn Nets Fan

15. JR Smith – New York Knicks

JR Smith
JR Smith

After a break out regular season where JR Smith scored a career high, 18.1 PPG, he experienced a nightmare post-season. His horrendous post-season probably cost him millions of dollars. The Knicks cannot afford to let him go as their offense cannot thrive without another scorer besides Carmelo. After he opts-out of his current deal for $ 2.9 million, the Knicks will probably sign him to a deal ranging from $5-7 million a year.

The Nets would not have much interest in Smith as they already have Joe Johnson and Deron Williams who frequently shoot the ball.

14. JJ Redick – Oklahoma City Thunder

JJ Redick
JJ Redick

After a solid season with the Magic and Bucks where he scored a career high, 14.1 PPG, his shooting and scoring skills will be in high demand. As seen in the NBA Finals, every champion needs a reliable shooter that can stretch the defense and spread the floor. If Kevin Martin leaves the Thunder, Oklahoma City will need another scorer who can spread the floor for Durant and Westbrook.

The Nets should not have interest in Redick. Although they need shooting, he will probably be out of their price range.

13. Jose Calderon – Detroit Pistons

Jose Calderon
Jose Calderon

The veteran Spanish point guard has many different options this offseason. After another consistent season, Jose will be in high demand. I believe that Jose will return to Detroit because he has a lot to add to the team. The pass first point guard will drastically improve the game of big men Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond. He can also teach young point guard Brandon Knight how to be an effective player.

The Nets have no interest in Jose Calderon. They have Deron Williams who played like the best point guard in the league after the All Star break.

12. OJ Mayo – Minnesota Timberwolves

OJ Mayo
OJ Mayo

The former Dallas Mavericks shooting guard has hit free agency for the second time in his young career. After signing a one-year deal with the Mavericks last offseason, he should be looking to cash in on a multi-year deal. The talented 25 year-old shooting guard had a comeback season. He will probably wind up with Timberwolves who would be able to boast a strong starting five (Rubio, Mayo, Williams/2013 pick, Love, and Pekovic). He can provide some valuable scoring to a team that can become stagnate at times.

The Nets should make a run at OJ Mayo this offseason. If he could be had at a discounted price, he would be a valuable 6th man playing at SG or SF.

11. Manu Ginobili – San Antonio Spurs

Manu Ginobili
Manu Ginobili

The two time All-Star will either re-sign with the team that drafted him or retire this up coming offseason. After a forgettable finals, Manu will not make anywhere near the $14 million he made this year with the team. If he is willing to take less money, the Spurs will be able to possibly sign another valuable player who could lead them to the finals once again.

The Nets have no chance of signing Manu nor do I want him. He is a washed up star who has played a year too long.

10. Tyreke Evans – Utah Jazz

Tyreke Evans
Tyreke Evans

After winning the NBA Rookie of the Year award in 2010, Tyreke’s production has steadily declined. Although a restricted free-agent, Tyreke will be leaving the Kings “toxic” organization. Evans has never been able to show off his true ability because of the constant fluctuation of the Sacramento Kings. With the Jazz, he will be able to grow with the young nucleus of Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors and under the veteran tutelage of Mo Williams.

Evans would be useless with the Nets as the already have Johnson and Williams.

9. David West – Indiana Pacers

David West
David West

After an impressive playoff appearance, David West will be in high demand during the NBA offseason. After pushing the Miami Heat to a seventh game of the ECF without their best offensive playmaker, Danny Granger, the Indiana Pacers have a legitimate chance of knocking off the Heat next year. Indiana was able to expose the Heat with their physical play. This is why the Pacers MUST re-sign David West if they want any chance of upsetting the Heat. He can provide physically along with consistent rebounding and scoring.

The Nets would love to have a player like David West. The Nets have a desperate need at the power forward with the struggling Kris Humphries and the offensively challenged Reggie Evans. He can be like Reggie Evans except with the ability to put the ball in the basket.

8. Paul Millsap – San Antonio Spurs

Paul Millsap
Paul Millsap

Similar to David West, Paul Millsap is an undervalued, undersized power forward for the Utah Jazz. After being beaten by Miami down low repeatedly without Tim Duncan on the floor, San Antonio must reevaluate their power forward position. Millsap can be a great find for the Spurs as he would provided added toughness, rebounding, and scoring.

The Nets would love to have a player like Paul Millsap. Although there were rumors about him during the trade deadline, the trade never went through. He can be like Reggie Evans except with the ability to put the ball in the basket.

7. Brandon Jennings – Milwaukee Bucks

Brandon Jennings
Brandon Jennings

The Bucks cannot allow the extremely talented 23 year-old Jennings walk without gaining something in return. Luckily, he is a restricted free agent so they will have the power to match any offer. Unless the Mavs or Hawks swoop in and offer Jennings the max, I believe he will return with Milwaukee. If the problem arises again, they can always trade him during the trade deadline. Since it looks like Monta Ellis will not be returning, the Bucks must make it a priority to re-sign Jennings.

The Nets have no need for the inconsistent Jennings with Williams on the team.

6. Andre Iguodala – Denver Nuggets

Andre Iguodala
Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala will almost certainly re-sign with the Denver Nuggets this offseason. Although he opted out of his deal, there is mutual interest between both sides so a deal will probably be complete. Iguodala is a perfect fit for the team as he is extremely versatile and allows them to play small and fast with his great defensive ability.

The Nets believed they had someone like Iguodala when they traded for Gerald Wallace. However, they have been badly mistaken.

5. Al Jefferson – Atlanta Hawks

Al Jefferson
Al Jefferson

With Josh Smith most likely leaving this offseason, the Hawks will have a need for a big man to complement Al Horford down low. Big Al will allow Horford to return to his natural power forward position and could create a lethal combination of size. The Hawks will have more than enough money this offseason and hope they can make a splash, like Jefferson, Howard, or Paul.

If the Nets had Big Al they would become extremely dangerous down low as him and Lopez could average 40 and 17 nightly.

4. Andrew Bynum – Charlotte Bobcats

Andrew Bynum
Andrew Bynum

Probably the most interesting free agent we have had in a number of years, Andrew Bynum has the potential to be an extreme steal or bust. When playing, he is a walking 20 and 10 who could be considered the best big man in the game. The Bobcats will have money to spend this offseason. Since they cannot attract big name free agent routinely, they should gamble on Bynum this offseason. If it is a success, he can possibly lead them to their first post-season win in franchise history.

The Nets had their chance of having Bynum, but did not want to Kidd for him.

3. Josh Smith – Dallas Mavericks

Josh Smith
Josh Smith

This offseason the Mavericks plan on making a huge splash in free agency. With millions in cap room, they have the possibility of landing two big free agents. Although Josh does not deserve a max contract, he will definitely be paid handsomely in the range of $12-15 million per year. If the Mavericks want to make a lot of noise, they can sign Smith and offer Jennings a max offer in attempt to pair them with Dirk. The Mavericks need to make the playoffs next year after the poor showing this past year.

The Nets attempted to trade for him this deadline. He could be incredibly useful for the Nets who need massive amounts of help on power forward and talent.

2. Dwight Howard – Houston Rockets

Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard

Hopefully the “Dwightmare” will finally end this offseason. For the past three years different teams, such as my Nets, have tried to lure the talented big man onto their team. (Magic made huge mistake not trading to Nets. Instead of having Aaron Affalo, they could be pairing vucevic and lopez down low, more salary cap relief, and more future first round picks). This past season Dwight hit rock bottom as the Lakers barely made the playoffs and he was constantly scutinized for his play and attitude. By going to Houston, he will be able to escape the media pressure of Tinseltown without losing too much money. Since Texas has no income tax, their standard of living is a lot less than LA, Dwight Howard would probably opt-out of the last year of his deal, the money issue is a non-factor. Howard will have his best chance at winning in Houston because of their young nucleus. The Lakers are a bad fit for Howard: bad coach, aging team, little room for improvement, and he does not like being in the spotlight. With James Harden, Chandler Parsons, and Jeremy Lin, the Rockets can form a solid inside out style.

The Nets have almost no chance of getting Dwight Howard. Although many people hope that there is still a way we can do a sign and trade, the chance are slim to none. At least we have lopez who can average 20 and 7 nightly.

1. Chris Paul – Los Angeles Clippers

Chris Paul
Chris Paul

The best player this offseason as well as the best point guard in the league will remain in the City of Angels with the Clip. With the addition of Doc Rivers, the Clippers now have a legitimate leader of men who can bring the best out of his stars. Along with Blake Griffin and a solid bench, the Clippers have the possibility to reach the Conference Finals and maybe even the Finals, with Spurs getting old and a recovering Westbrook. Unless Paul can find a way to join with Howard in either Atlanta, Houston, or Dallas, his best destination is Los Angeles where he can with a budding star and a top level coach.