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2013-2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Preview

By: Evan

Projected Record: 6-10

NFC South Rank: 4th

This is a make or break year for Josh Freeman Courtesy of ESPN

Josh Freeman is in a contract year and the coaches do not have confidence in him. Not exactly a recipe for success for a team that spent a boatload of money to improve their squad. This spending included star cornerback Darrelle Revis, stud safety Dashon Goldson as well as drafting Johnathan Banks. These three will be in charge of improving a Bucs defense that ranked dead last in passing defense in 2012. The Bucs already have a stout rush defense that only allowed 82.5 rushing yards per game last year. And despite all of these improvements, I still don’t see the Bucs making it past the .500 mark this season.


Skill Position Players and Defense:

Doug Martin looks to improve on his impressive rookie season Courtesy of SI.NFL.com

Doug Martin set the NFL world on fire last year rushing for 1,454 yards and 11 TDs and reminded fans of a younger Ray Rice. Martin is also a passing threat out of the backfield, catching for 472 yards and one touchdown. Martin will be a key part of the future for whoever plays quarterback. The Buccaneers also have Vincent Jackson, who thrived in his first year in Tampa, accumulating 1,384 yards while averaging over 19.2 yards per catch which was best in NFL. Mike Williams proved to be a viable #2 receiver catching 63 balls for 996 yards and nine scores. He too, signed a big money deal this offseason worth 42.5 million dollars over 6 years. The two combined for one of the most potent duos in the NFL but the performance of a receiver always relies on the dependability of his quarterback and Freeman has had some consistency issues. The Bucs defense will probably finish the year in the top 10 in both passing and rushing. The defensive line is young and swallows up running backs and make offenses one dimensional. Revis, recovering from a torn ACL will immediately be put to the fire dealing with the likes of Julio Jones, Roddy White, Marques Colston and Steve Smith. But Revis is one of the best in the NFL and will be up to the challenge. The Bucs are talented but they have significant weaknesses that will hold them back.


QB and Pass Rush:

The Bucs seem high on rookie Mike Glennon, but will he get a shot? Courtesy of SBNation

The Buccaneers stripped Josh Freeman of his captaincy this year and Greg Schiano didn’t exactly give Freeman a vote of confidence when asked why. Former teammate Ronde Barber was quoted as saying Freeman is “prone to mistakes”. I personally don’t see why the Buccaneers are giving up so quickly on Freeman, who has great size and arm strength. But when there is doubt about a starting quarterback, the team cannot focus and often leads to bad seasons. If Glennon ends up playing this season, Josh Freeman better start looking for a new home. The most baffling part of the Buccaneers evaluation of Freeman is his age as he is only 25 years old with plenty of room to grow. The other major weakness for Tampa Bay is the pass rush, ranking 29th in sacks last year. In a division with Matt Ryan, Drew Brees and Cam Newton pass rush is crucial to the overall success of a defense.

Schedule Analysis:

@New York Jets-W: Geno Smith is starting for the Jets and Revis returns to NYC. A match-up made in heaven for the motivated Revis. Welcome to Revis Island, Geno Smith

vs New Orleans-L: The Bucs can’t get to Drew Brees and eventually Brees figures Revis out and the Saints win

@ New England-L: Josh Freeman can’t keep up with Tom Brady and the Bucs struggle to deal with all of the Patriot weapons

vs Arizona-W: Put Larry Fitzgerald on Revis island and who else do the Cardinals have? Not much. Tampa has more weapons to throw to.

Bye Week

vs Philadelphia-W: The read option won’t fool Greg Schiano and the Eagles will have trouble stopping Vincent Jackson and Doug Martin.

@ Atlanta-L: Matt Ryan just has too many options to throw to and should spread the Bucs out and win the game.

vs Carolina-W: The Buccaneers rebound as Cam struggles to score against the pass defense. The Panthers can’t get the ball to Steve Smith or Greg Olsen, making it hard for any receivers to get open.

@ Seattle- L: And this is where the streak ends as Seattle puts a hurting on Josh Freeman, holding him to a mere 100 yards passing. Vincent Jackson is also checked by All-pro Richard Sherman and cannot help Freeman at all.

vs Miami- L: In a rare turn of events, Darrelle Revis gets burned by the speedy Mike Wallace for a touchdown and the potent Miami pass rush sacks Josh Freeman at least seven times.

vs Atlanta- L:  Josh Freeman’s up and down season continues and Greg Schiano decides to put Mike Glennon in the game. He doesn’t help much and the Falcons blow out Tampa.

@ Detroit-L: Glennon gets his first NFL start against a nasty Detroit pass rush and Glennon struggles to adjust to the constant pressure, throwing for 3 INTs. In an epic matchup of Megatron vs Revis Island, Megatron wins, scoring 2TDs.

@ Carolina-L: The Bucs flip-flop again and revert back to Freeman, after Glennon’s less than impressive start and the Bucs still lose. The horrible season continues.

vs Buffalo-W: Tampa finally gets a win over EJ Manuel and the Bills as Revis locks down Stevie Johnson for only 3 catches.

vs San Francisco-L: Colin Kaepernick spreads out the secondary for over 250 yards and then adds another 100 on the ground as Freeman again struggles against a tough San Fran D.

@ St. Louis- W: Besides Tavon Austin, the Rams don’t have too many weapons to fear and Sam Bradford is just not good, so the Bucs pull this one out.

@ New Orleans- L: Brees outplays Freeman and despite the Muscle Hamster’s big game, the Saints beat Tampa to close out a tumultuous season for the Buccaneers


The Bucs have lots of individual talent, but they are missing crucial pieces from being a true threat in the NFC South.

2013-2014 New York Jets Preview

By: Jon


Projected Record: 7-9

AFC East Rank: 2nd


Geno Smith
Geno Smith

The Jets finally fired former GM Mike Tannebaum (Mr.T) and hired John Idzik. Since Mr.T made the Jets cap situation a disaster, the Jets were unable to make any major moves this offseason. However, Idzik did make a major move by trading away the great Darrelle Revis for three picks. Although Revis was the best player on their roster and a fan favorite, Woody Johnson was not willing to pay him so Idzik was forced to trade him to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The trade enabled the Jets to snag an extra first round pick and a third round pick in next year’s draft. The Jets used the first round pick on Defensive Tackle Sheldon Richardson. Although many were skeptical when the Jets chose him over other top prospects, he has looked great during the preseason, which has silent many of the doubters. The Jets selected corner back Dee Milliner with their other first round pick. Although Milliner entered the league with a lot of hype because he was the top corner back in the draft, he has not performed well during preseason. Dee Milliner will have a lot of pressure this season because he will need to replace Revis Island and make up for a poor set of safeties behind him. However, Milliner will be given help from Richardson and his friends in the front seven. The group is a talent batch of young, talented players, such as Muhammed Wilkerson and Quinton Couples.

In the second round, the Jets made the biggest news of the draft by drafting quarterback. Although he was believed to be the first quarterback off the board, he was the second quarterback taken in the draft, behind EJ Manuel. Many experts including myself, do not believe that Smith was the correct pick for the Jets. The bulk of the news out of training camp and preseason games was about the quarterback competition. The Jets should have drafted a wide receiver or another playmaker on offensive because they do not have a lot of talent on offensive. This will probably be Mark Sanchez’s last year with the Jets. The Jets should have waited a year to select a quarterback because next year’s group will be great. If Stephen Hill makes improvements and the Jets selected a wide receiver like Keenan Allen or Robert Woods, the new quarterback would have had some weapons to throw to next year. During the offseason, the Jets made major changes on the offensive line and running back position. The Jets will start two new offensive lineman and a new running back, Chris Ivory, this season.

Schedule Analysis:

Mark Sanchez
Mark Sanchez

The Jets have little chance of making the playoffs this season because they do not have many special or talented players on their roster. The Jets open the season against Darrelle Revis and the Tampa Bucs. The Jets will be forced to start rookie quarterback Geno Smith because Mark Sanchez was injured during the third preseason game. Geno Smith was up and down during his two preseason appearances. When Geno started against the Giants, he looked horrible and threw three interceptions. Smith does not look like he is ready to lead an offense at the NFL level. Although the Buccaneers are not a good team, they should win the game unless Smith shows us something that we have not seen during the preseason. After week one, the Jets will play the @Patriots, Bills, and @Titans. The Jets will probably allow Mark Sanchez to start those three games, especially if the Jets lose their first game and Smith is plays poorly. If the Jets want to keep their playoff hopes alive and Rex wants to keep his job, they will probably have to win two of the next three games. The Jets will lose at Foxborough, win against the Bills, and the fourth game of the season will be a coin flip. As an optimistic Jets fan, I think they will win because the Titans have quarterback issues like the Jets. Quinton Couples should return for this game and the defense should be impressive. After an average start to the season, the Jets face an incredibly difficult five game stretch against the @Falcons, Steelers, Patriots, @Bengals, and Saints.  The Jets come out of this stretch 1-4. The Jets will probably win one of the middle three games. If the Jets can some how eek out two wins, Mark Sanchez may be able to keep his job for the end of the season. However, the Jets will probably enter the week ten bye with a 3-6 or 4-5 record.

During the Bye week, the Jets will likely set up plays for Geno so he can become the main quarterback of the team. Rex and John will turn to Geno Smith after the Bye week, especially if Sanchez is playing poorly like last season. The second half of the season will be easier for the Jets. The Jets play @Bills, @Ravens, Dolphins, Raiders, @Panthers, Browns, and @ Dolphins. Although the teams are not as experienced and tough as the teams in the first part of the schedule, there are some tricky and talented teams that the Jets must play. The defense will enable the Jets to stay in games and possible win a few games when they are out payed offensively. They will probably finish the season 7-9.

Key Players:

Stephen Hill
Stephen Hill

Offensively, the Jets need wide receiver Stephen Hill to make a big jump during his sophomore season. Hill has all the talent and physical ability in the world to succeed in the NFL. Hill needs more repetitions and confidence so he can catch more balls and make more big plays. If Hill can improve and become a 1000 yard receiver, the Jets offense will make significant strides this season. Although Hill will never be a top five wide receiver, he has the potential to be a top ten receiver and a dynamic playmaker, especially in the red zone. The Jets have not had a big time number one receiver since Keyshawn Johnson. The Jets whole offense and especially the quarterback play will improve if Hill can become a top ten or fifteen receiver in the league.

Dee Milliner
Dee Milliner

Defensively, Dee Milliner will be the x-factor for the Jets defense this season. Dee has the talent to become a number one cornerback in the NFL. The Jets will need Dee to play like a number one or two if the Jets want to reach eight wins this season. The defensive front four will be the strength of the team so any help from the secondary will vault the Jets into the top ten for defenses. The Jets safeties will be the worst part of the defense. If Dee can play solid defense opposite of number one corner Antonio Cromartie, the safeties will not have as much pressure to play well.

All pics and stats from espn.com