Eastern Conference Atlantic Division Preview

By: Jon

The teams in the Atlantic Division have undergone a major switch in the last few years. The Celtics have traded their good players. The Raptors are mess as usual. Philadelphia is in full fledged rebuilding mode after trading their best player to the Pelicans for a first round pick. The Knicks are the defending champions, but have many questions. The Nets made the biggest trade of the offseason by trading for Pierce and Garnett.

1) Brooklyn Nets

The Nets are hoping that Pierce and Garnett will lead them to a championship Courtesy of ESPN
The Nets are hoping that Pierce and Garnett will lead them to a championship Courtesy of ESPN

The Nets made the biggest trade in the offseason and it may enable them to be the most improved team in the league. Although the additions of Pierce, Garnett, Terry, and Kirilenko have generated much criticism, the team is better than last year’s team and is more suited to go deep into the playoffs in a difficult Eastern Conference. On paper, the Nets look like one of the best team’s in the NBA because they have a complete roster. Although the Nets have a solid team on paper, they have many flaws and issues that they must overcome, in order for them to succeed and meet expectations. The whole roster is old and injury prone. As long as the Nets’ roster stays moderately healthy, they will easily win a depleted Atlantic Division and compete for one of the top three positions in the Easter Conference. Although Garnett does not have the skill to carry a team, like Minnesota or his early days in Boston, he is the best leader in the league and provides an abundance amount of energy and passion to the court. Last year, the Nets were below average at defense. However, Garnett will not stand for anything but greatness. During his days with Minnesota and Boston, the teams were always great at defense. He will hold player accountable for their actions, which will make them a better team instantly. On offense, the Nets should be one of the top teams in the league. They have numerous options on offense, which should lead to open opportunities. Compared to last year, the Nets will not be slowed by two horrific offensive players, Reggie Evans and Gerald Wallace. Like last year, the Nets bench should be steady. Andre Kirilenko is a competitor for the sixth man of the year and Andre Blatche is one of the most talented bench players in the league. Although they made need time to gel, since Williams has not been able to play during the preseason, the Nets will be a top three team in the East and make it to at least the second round of the playoffs.

2) New York Knicks

Melo hopes to repeat as scoring champ but more importantly win the Atlantic Courtesy of ESPN
Melo hopes to repeat as scoring champ but more importantly win the Atlantic Courtesy of ESPN

After winning the Atlantic Division and earning the number two seed in the East, the Knicks look to repeat their success from last year. The Knicks have many questions that must be answered if they are going to make the playoffs this season. The Knicks have many injury prone players that are part of their core. Besides for Anthony, the Knicks do not have consistent options on offense. Last season, the Knicks second best scorer was JR Smith. However, Smith cannot be the second scorer for a quality playoff team. As seen from their playoff results, if Smith is not playing at a extraordinary high level, the Knicks will have trouble scoring and lose many games against quality opponents. The Knicks have the talent, if healthy, to compete with the Nets for first place in the Atlantic. If Stoudemire and Chandler can revive their careers and return to their All-Star status, the Knicks will be a solid team that can score and play feisty defense. Fortunately for the Knicks, they have Carmelo Anthony. During his career, Melo has never missed the playoffs. Anthony is one of the top three scorers in the league and can carry a team for a few weeks. If Stoudemire, Hardaway, or Shumpert can become offensive weapons, Melo will not be required to score 30 points a night and strain himself through a 82 game season. In the postseason last season, Anthony was unable to perform at such a high level because his body was worn and his shoulders could not handle the stress of carrying the Knicks. This season, the Knicks may be more suited for the postseason. During the regular season, the Knicks will not win 54 games, like last season, because they will not be able to maintain their three point consistency. However, if the Knicks can rest their stars and keep Stoudemire, Bargnani, and Chandler healthy, the Knicks will be a tough out because they have the ability to play suffocating defense and have a dominant scorer that can will a series by himself.

3) Toronto Raptors

Rudy Gay looks to lead an up and coming Toronto team Courtesy of ESPN
Rudy Gay looks to lead an up and coming Toronto team Courtesy of ESPN

After a fantastic preseason, 6-1, the Raptors hope that they can be successful in the regular season. The Raptors have improved over the last few years and may compete for a playoff spot this season. After losing Chris Bosh three years ago, the Raptors finally found a star that could replace him in Rudy Gay. Although he is not worth his $19 million contract, Gay is a proficient scorer that can create shots for himself and his teammates. The Raptors have their best team in the last few seasons. The Raptors offense should experience a lot of success because of the talent on the team. If Terrence Ross can meet expectations as a lottery pick from last season, the Raptors will have three good scoring options that can score 20 points on any given night, Ross, Gay, and DeRozan. The Raptors should continue focusing on improving their young players, DeRozan, Ross, and Valanciunas. Although the Raptors do not have the talent to currently contend with the Nets and Knicks, they have the potential to become contenders in a few more years. Besides Ross, the biggest X Factor for the Raptors is Jonas Valanciunas. Jonas, the Raptors first round pick from two years ago, has the potential to be one of the best big man in the league. Although Jonas did not have a great first season due to injury, Jonas ended the season strong, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Jonas is a big, versatile man, who can protect the rim and effectively defend his man. Jonas will be important for the Raptors because they do not have the best perimeter defenders. Jonas will need to protect the rim and set the defense so that they rotate correctly and prevent easy buckets. The Raptors will improve from last season, but they will not win enough wins to make a playoff spot or compete for the Atlantic Division crown.

4) Boston Celtics

Jeff Green must carry the Celts on offense while Rondo is on the shelf Courtesy of ESPN
Jeff Green must carry the Celts on offense while Rondo is on the shelf Courtesy of ESPN

The Celtics are in rebuilding mode. After a five year run that netted a championship, two trips to the finals, and numerous memorable moments, Danny Ainge decided to restart and trade away part of the core. Although the Celtics trade two sure fire Hall of Famers, they were able to obtain future draft considerations that will help them quicken the rebuilding process. The next interesting decision will be whether the team keeps or trades All Star point guard Rajon Rondo. Rondo is an absolute magician with the ball and under a team friendly contract for the foreseeable future. If Ainge decides to trade Rondo, he would receive at least one first round pick and a budding star. However, it is unlikely that he will be traded because he is coming off of a major knee injury and his trade value is quite low. This season, the Celtics’ fans should not have high hopes for their team. The first half of the year will be incredibly rough as Brad Stevens, first year head coach, will have to become acclimated to being an NBA coach and the team must learn to gel without their best player and starting point guard. The Celtics will probably win about 20 games this season. For much of the season, they will be led by starting small forward Jef Green. Green is a versatile and solid player, but far from a superstar in the league. Although they do not want to admit their intentions to the fans, the Celtics brass is hoping that the team loses enough games to secure a top pick in next year’s star studded draft. With a lucky ping pong ball, the Celtics fortune could be changed, if they can draft Wiggins, Parker, Randle, or Gordon. However, Ainge hopes that Brad Stevens can convert his college success to NBA success and his young players, Bradley, Sullinger, Olynyk, and Brooks, improve as the season wears.

5) Philadelphia 76ers

The 76ers hope that MCW is a building block for the future Courtesy of ESPN
The 76ers hope that MCW is a building block for the future Courtesy of ESPN

If people feel bad for the Celtics’ fans, I do not know how they would feel toward the 76ers’ fans. This season, the 76ers are going to be absolutely horrible. In terms of talent, this team compares to the Bobcats of two years ago and the Nets of four years ago, each teams that won less than 20 games. After good 2012 season where they made the second of the playoffs, the 76ers had a horrible years last season, partly due to the Andrew Bynum disaster. Besides for losing their coach, the 76ers traded away their lone All-Star and best player Jrue Holiday to the Pelicans for Nerlens Noel and a first round pick in next year’s draft. Michael Carter Williams, the 76ers other first round pick, does not have the talent to turn around the struggling franchise and make the team competitive this year. The 76ers have a really young team that should continue to develop and improve as the season progresses. The 76ers will be leaning on “veterans” Evan Turner and Thaddeus Young to carry the team, while the young players get their feet wet. Unfortunately, the 76ers will probably be without the 6th overall pick, Nerlens Noel, for the entire season, as a returns from an ACL injury. The 76ers are hoping that next year’s draft class will turn around their future and lead them to the playoffs in the next few years. They will probably have a top 3 pick because of their lack of talent and inability to win games. Also, they obtain the Pelicans’ pick, which should be inside the top 10 or at least the top 15. The 76ers are hoping that the combination of two more lottery picks, Nerlens Noel, and Michael Carter Williams will be able to lead them to a title or at least multiple playoff berths. Although it seems difficult to understand, the 76ers could be the best team in the division in five years because of the assets and cap space that they currently obtain.

stats from espn.com

Eastern Conference Central Division Preview

By: Evan

The Central division is one of the strongest divisions in the NBA this year and has the potential to have four playoff teams. Last year, the central division had four all-stars so the division has clear individual talent as well as team talent. The Bulls, Pacers, and Bucks all made the playoffs last year and will look to maintain similar records. The two other teams, the Pistons and Cavaliers both made significant offseason acquisitions that will revamp their rosters. Lets look at how the division will play out. (*denotes projected playoff team)

1.) *Chicago Bulls

Derrick Rose looks to continue his MVP ways this season and lead chicago to a title.                                                                                                                          Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

The Bulls are arguably one of the top 3 teams in the entire NBA, and with their MVP back at the helm, the Bulls are looking to make a championship run and end the Heat’s reign as Eastern Conference Champions.  The Bulls had a successful season last year without Derrick Rose and despite being plagued with injuries to key players all season. The Bulls won 45 games, advancing to the Eastern Conference semi-finals and ranking 3rd in points allowed on average with 92.9.  The defense has always been a mainstay with wizard head coach Tom Thibodeau and strong interior and wing defenders such as Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson, Luol Deng and Jimmy Butler. The only problem for the Bulls last year was scoring, as they averaged only 93.2 points per game, tied for 28th in league, and clearly correlated to Derrick’s absence.  Financially, the Bulls are in a slight bind with the increase on Taj Gibson’s contract starting this year as well as the last two years of Carlos Boozer’s 5 year 80 million dollar deal, but Luol Deng’s expiring contract could be used in a trade piece and free up cap room. The Bulls could make a blockbuster deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves shipping their first round pick, Charlotte’s 2016 protected pick, Luol Deng or Jimmy Butler for Kevin Love, a deal that would benefit both teams. The Bulls will clearly be one of the most interesting teams to watch this year, and they could bring the Larry O’Brien trophy back to the Windy City.

2.) *Indiana Pacers

Will Danny Granger and Paul George mesh? This is the crucial question for the Pacers. Courtesy of SBNation

The Indiana Pacers showed their potential last year, giving the Miami Heat a run for their money during the Eastern Conference finals, and this year should be more of the same. The Pacers are young, talented and play hard.  They gave up only 90.7 points per game, and held opponents to 42% shooting per game, 2nd and 1st in the league, respectively. This intense team defense stems from coach Frank Vogel as well as elite defenders such as Roy Hibbert and Paul George, both of whom can seriously impact an offensive game plan.  Danny Granger, a former all star, missed much of the season, and he will take on scoring responsibilities,  taking some of the pressure off  Paul George and David West who combined for 35 points per game for the Pacers.  Granger and George are similar players as they both create off the dribble and like to attack the basket,  although George is the younger and better player, Granger provides valuable experience the Pacers need.  If the two can mesh and play well together, the Pacers should be formidable this season.  If not,  the front office might look to trade Granger who is on the last year of his contract and is injury prone. The other problem is the Pacers bench as they don’t have a bench scorer that can come in and immediately contribute.  The bench becomes a pivotal factor in the playoffs as teams must rest the starting unit. Regardless of the bench,  the Pacers will probably win 45-50 games this year and be a top four seed in the Eastern Conference.

3.) *Detroit Pistons

With the addition of Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings, Pistons are a clear playoff team and a potential sleeper in the Eastern Conference.                                                          Courtesy of NBA.SI.com

The Pistons were probably the 2nd biggest mover in the offseason behind the Houston Rockets, trading Brandon Knight, Kris Middleton and Viacheslav Kravtsov for Brandon Jennings and then signing him to a 3 year 25 million dollar deal.   Detroit also signed Josh Smith, an underrated all around player for 4 years $54 million. The Pistons are clearly trying to turn around their moribund franchise; these are solid moves for two players who needed a change of scenery. The Pistons have an established core with Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe, one of the youngest and best frontcourts in league.   And now with a point guard and a dynamic small/power forward, the Pistons are relevant again. They also hired Mo Cheeks, a champion as a player and an assistant on a Thunder team that went to the NBA finals in 2012.  The team will have to learn how to balance the ball and spread it out among the big men, but this team will be a terror for opposing big men, as the three man rotation of Smith, Drummond and Monroe will be difficult to deal with. Look for the Pistons to win about 40-45 games this year and earn around a 5-7 seed and potential upset one of the elite teams in the Eastern Conference.

4.) *Cleveland Cavaliers

Kyrie Irving has a chance to be the MVP this year, but will he lead the Cavs to the playoffs?                         Courtesy of ESPN

The Cavs also made some significant offseason moves, including the signings of the oft injured Andrew Bynum and dynamic back-up point guard Jarrett Jack. Both are wildcards that could potentially vault the Cavs into playoff contention for the first time since LeBron left, or they could stay the same course of futility of the last couple of years. The team also drafted Anthony Bennett a big man with enormous potential if he can lose the his excess weight and get into basketball shape. All these pieces are shaped around the man with the ball, Kyrie Irving, a 21 year point guard who might just be the best in the league. He can create for himself, score at will and is tremendous in late game situations. He dazzled during all-star weekend (watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mr_WjR6iaj4) and clearly emerged on the national stage. The Cavs also have some bright young talent in Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters, both showed growth throughout last season and they should continue to grow into better core players. Although the Cavs will make the playoffs as a 8 seed, there is little chance that they will advance. The Cavs are on the rise, and who knows what can happen if LeBron decides to go home in free agency.  He’d have a good nucleus awaiting.

5.) Milwaukee Bucks

Bucks fans don’t worry, you still have emerging center Larry Sanders on your squad. Courtesy of ESPN.com

After refusing to sign Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis to extensions, it became clear that the Bucks want to use this season to develop players and cement their place in the lottery. Now it isn’t all bad for Bucks fans as they did resign Larry Sanders, a young, elite defender who has improved his game. They also signed O.J Mayo, a solid scorer but not a game changing type player. The Bucks clearly need a face of the franchise that can provide hope in the coming years. There is some uncertainty about whether the Bucks will be able to stay in Milwaukee becomes Seattle clamors for a team with Paul Allen providing deep, deep pockets.  The Bucks should have more clarity next season about the future of this franchise, and hopefully they land a star player to lead them.

How many teams do you think will make the playoffs from the Central? Let us know by voting below.

Stats from ESPN

College Football Week 8 Review

By: Will Johnson

This week was truly insane. Five Top 10 teams lost and eight in the Top 25. One team even refused to play! Let’s check out this week’s headlines.


Grambling St. Players Refuse to Play

The turmoil surrounding the Grambling State University football program has reached new heights this week. After firing their head coach earlier in the year and starting the season 0-7, the entire team refused to play their next game against Jackson St. As a result of these actions, Grambling St. will forfeit the game to Jackson St. and will have to pay a $20,000 fine. It seems as if the team was unsatisfied with the job interim head coach, George Ragsdale has done. Today, the team sent a letter to the athletic director, which outlined their complaints of the program. This letter included criticisms of the athletic complexes and the jerseys, both of which are stated to be detrimental to the player’s health. In fact, it seems as if the jerseys have caused multiple incidents of Staph Infection. This incident is a disgrace for both the program and the university. The NCAA needs to seriously punish Grambling State for putting their players’ health in jeopardy. Hopefully, Grambling St. and the NCAA can work together to clean this problem up as quickly as possible.

Game of the Week

Boy I was wrong. Florida St. hammered Clemson yesterday (51-14) and showed the country that it deserves to be in the BCS National Championship Game discussion. Jameis Winston had by far his best game of his season throwing for 444 yards and 3 TDs, if not for his one interception in the second quarter, his night would have been flawless. Explosive playmakers, Tahj Boyd  (156 yards, 1 TD, 2 INTs) and Sammy Watkins (68 yards and 1 TD), were unable to counter to Winston’s coming out performance. The game started badly enough for Clemson when, after a 22 yard touchdown pass from Winston to sophomore wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin and a 28 yard field goal by Roberto Aguayo, Boyd was sacked and fumbled the ball leading to a 37 yard fumble recovery for a touchdown by defensive lineman, Mario Edwards. The Tigers responded with a 3 yard touchdown grab by Sammy Watkins, but by halftime the game was 27-7 and too far out of reach for the boys from South Carolina. Last night’s outstanding performance puts famous Jameis and his million dollar smile right in the thick of Heisman Trophy hunt and Florida St. marching towards their first title game appearance since 2000.

Famous Jameis had his coming out party against a #3 seeded Clemson
Courtesy of Bleacher Report


Upsets Show Depth in SEC

Five Top 25 SEC teams lost yesterday (LSU 24-27 to Ole Miss, Texas A&M 41-45 to Auburn, South Carolina 21-23 to Tennessee, Georgia 27-31 to Vanderbilt, Florida 17-36 to Missouri), and four of whom were heavy favorites going into the game (Florida was not). While this does hurt the chances of the SEC repeating as BCS National Champions for the eighth straight time, it does show the depth of the conference. When you are playing tough games week in and week out, you are going to lose eventually. It now looks as if there is only one “easy win” within the conference, Kentucky, and under the leadership of Mark Stoops, they have been putting together a monster class headlined by Drew Barker (a four-star QB out of Hebron, Kentucky) and Denzel Ware (a four-star DE out of Crestview, Florida) and are ranked #16 in ESPN’s Recruiting Polls. Soon, there will be no more pushovers within the SEC. And while this week proved that Alabama is the only title-contender within the conference (I need to see more from Missouri’s new starting quarterback, Maty Mauk), the SEC showed that it truly is the most powerful conference in the nation.

QB Maty Mauk has clear potential Courtesy of Fox Sports
QB Maty Mauk has clear potential
Courtesy of Fox Sports

Rest of the Top 25


Alabama (#1) won 52-0 over Arkansas – Kenyan Drake (104 yards and 2 TDs) and Derrick Henry (111 yards and 1 TD) led the Alabama offense that rushed for 350 yards. Alabama’s defense held Arkansas to only 256 yards and caused 3 turnovers.


Oregon (#2) won 62- 38 over Washington St. – Marcus Mariota improved his case for the Heisman Trophy with almost 400 yards of total offense and 3 total touchdowns. Oregon had over 600 for the third straight game as it gets ready for UCLA next week. Connor Hallaway threw for 557 yards and 4 touchdowns (as well as 4 interceptions) in a losing effort.

Ohio State

Ohio St. (#4) won 34 – 24 over Iowa – Ohio St. scored 24 second half points to overcome a 17-10 halftime deficit. Carlos Hyde ran for 149 yards and 2 touchdowns, including the one that put the Buckeyes ahead for good. Damon Bullock had 300 all-purpose yards and 3 touchdowns as Iowa dropped to 4-3 on the season.


LSU (#6) lost 24-27 to Ole Miss – Zach Mettenburger threw 3 first half interceptions leading LSU to a very poor offensive  performance. The LSU defense was unable to stop Ole Miss quarterback, Bo Wallace, who threw for 346 yards.

Texas A&M

Texas A&M (#7) lost 41-45 to Auburn (#24) – Despite Johnny Manziel’s 5 touchdowns and 500 all-purpose yard day, Texas A&M was unable to overcome Auburn. The Texas A&M defense could not stop Auburn’s rushing attack led by Tre Mason (178 yards and 1 TD) and Nick Marshall (100 yards and 2 TDs)


Louisville (#8) lost 35-38 to UCF – UCF pulled off a stunner when sophomore quarterback, Blake Bortles, threw his second touchdown of the night to Jeff Godfrey with 16 seconds left. Despite the fact that Teddy Bridgewater threw for 341 yards and 2 touchdowns, his quest for the Heisman trophy came to an end today.


UCLA (#9) lost 10-24 to Stanford (#13) – Stanford used the old ground and pound yesterday to physically dominate UCLA, as Tyler Gaffney ran for 171 yards and 2 touchdowns. Stanford’s defense stifled Brett Hundley (2 INTs) and the UCLA offense (266 total yards).


Miami (#10) won 27-23 over North Carolina – I talked about this in my preview for this week

South Carolina

South Carolina (#11) lost 21-23 to Tennessee – In a defensive battle (both teams held under 350 total yards), Tennessee needed Michael Palardy’s 19 yard field goal (third of the day) to upset South Carolina. Michael Davis (137 yards and 1 TD) carried South Carolina’s offense.


Baylor (#12) won 71-7 over Iowa St. – The Baylor Bear’s scored over 69 points for the fifth time this season as they dominated a severely under-matched Cyclones team. Heisman candidate, Lache Seastruck, had his fifth 100-yard game and added two touchdowns for the Bears.


Missouri (#14) won 36-17 over Florida (#22) – In Matty Mauk’s first game as a starter, he threw for 295 yards and a touchdown to help the Tigers preserve their undefeated season. The Gator offense was unable to do anything against the Missouri defense as they only had 151 yards of total offense.


Georgia (#15) lost 24-27 to Vanderbilt – Georgia was upset for the second straight week as Vanderbilt scored 17 points in the 4th quarter to erase a 14-point deficit. Preseason Heisman candidate, Aaron Murray, had his worst game of the season throwing for only 114 yards and an interception. Georgia’s rushing game also was hurting with the injury to sophomore sensation, Todd Gurley.

Texas Tech

Texas Tech (#16) won 37-27 over West Virginia – The Red Raiders scored the last 21 points to overcome the Mountaineers. Freshman quarterback, Davis Webb, threw for 462 yards and 2 touchdowns to keep Texas Tech undefeated. Next week Texas Tech will have a showdown against Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma.

Fresno State

Fresno St. (#17) won 38-14 over UNLV – David Carr had another great game throwing for 412 yards and 4 touchdowns. UNLV was in striking distance until Carr threw for a touchdown to Davante Adams (221 yards and 4 TDs) with 9 minutes remaining. With the win Fresno St. kept its quest for a BCS Bowl alive.


Oklahoma (#18) won 34-19 over Kansas – Oklahoma rebounded from last weeks trouncing from Texas with a convincing victory. The Sooners kept the Kansas offense to only 201 yards and just 16 yards passing.

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech (#19) was off this week, they play Duke next week.


Washington (#20) lost 24-53 to Arizona St. – The Sun Devils moved into first place in the PAC-12 South by completely shutting down Keith Price (217 yards passing) and the Husky offense. Washington was only able to make 12 first downs and had a 24 percent 3rd Down conversion rate. Senior running back, Marion Grice, led the way for Arizona State with 195 yards of total offense and 3 touchdowns (2 rushing, 1 receiving).

Oklahoma State

Oklahoma St. (#21) won 24-10 over TCU – The Cowboys overcame their worst offensive performance of the season by shutting down the TCU offense. They caused four turnovers and held TCU to only 325 yards of offense. John Stewart had a 95-yard punt return to get the Oklahoma St. festivities rolling.

Northern Illinois

N. Illinois (#23) won 38-17 over C. Michigan – N. Illinois continued its streak of 19 straight regular season victories going with a commanding win over the Chippewas. Jordan had 316 yards rushing (as well as 155 yards passing) and 4 total touchdowns in the win.


Wisconsin (#25) won 56-32 over Illinois – Wisconsin used their punishing rushing offense, led by Melvin Gordon (142 yards and 3 TDs) and James White (98 yards and 2 TDs) to overpower the Fighting Illinois. Nathan Scheelhaase threw for 249 yard in a losing effort.

QB Marcus Mariota leads the pack in Hesiman Hopefuls after this week Courtesy of Zimbio
QB Marcus Mariota leads the pack in Heisman Hopefuls after this week
Courtesy of Zimbio


Heisman Power Rankings

In the thick of the season the Heisman Hopefuls show themselves and this week the men were separated from the boys.

1) Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon – has been spectacular every Saturday, and this week was no different accounting for almost 400 yards of total offense and 3 touchdowns.

Season Stats: 2051 passing yards and 19 TDs with 493 yards rushing and 9 TDs

2) Jameis Winston, QB, Florida St. – had his coming out this week against Clemson throwing for 444 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Season Stats: 1885 yards and 20 TDs

3) Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M – he was injured for almost a quarter and still put up gigantic numbers (454 yards passing and 4 TDs plus 48 yards rushing and 1 TD)

Season Stats: 2289 yards passing and 18 TDs with 486 yards rushing and 6 TDs

4) Sean Mannion, QB, Oregon St. – with the loss to E. Washington to start the season people have not been paying attention to Oregon St., but Sean Mannion leads the nation in passing and had another great week yesterday against Cal (481 yards and 4 TDs)

Season Stats: 2992 yards and 29 TDs

5) Derek Carr, QB, Fresno St. – kind of reminds me of Case Keenum from a few years ago. Being in a non-BCS conference hurts him, but always puts up big numbers, like last week against UNLV (412 yards and 4 TDs)

Season Stats: 2276 yards and 23 TDs

What a performance QB Jordan Lynch turned in Courtesy of Sports Illustrated
What a performance QB Jordan Lynch turned in
Courtesy of Sports Illustrated


Player of the Week

Jordan Lynch, QB, NIU 316 yards rushing and 3 TDs with 155 yards passing and 1 TD



What a crazy week in college football. I expect next week will be a lot different, but watch out for Oregon against UCLA.