Editors-in-Chief – Prad Maganti and Jonathan Zeitels

Prad Maganti – pmaganti@sidelinesmack.com

Jonathan Zeitels – jzeitels@sidelinesmack.com

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Prad Maganti, New York Knicks Fan

Rahul Oza,  Brooklyn Nets Fan

Evan Seals, Chicago Bulls Fan

Jonathan Zeitels, Brooklyn Nets Fan



Prad Maganti,  New York Giants Fan

Rahul Oza,  Philadelphia Eagles Fan

Jonathan Zeitels,  New York Jets Fan



Josh Lebowitz,  New York Yankees Fan

Jonathan Zeitels, New York Yankees Fan


Other Professional Sports

Prad Maganti – Tennis

Natalie Mullins – Soccer



Jonathan Zeitels,  UConn Huskies Fan



Daniel Hutt

Will Johnson,  LSU Tigers Fan

Jonathan Zeitels, Texas Longhorns Fan

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