Yankees + Stanton = Murder’s Row 2.0

During the early hours on Saturday, the New York Yankees completed a trade with the Miami Marlins that will send 2017 NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton to New York. In return for the reigning MVP, the Yankees will trade All-Star second baseman, Starlin Castro, and two prospects, Jorge Guzman and Jose Devers. Guzman has potential as he is young and the ninth rated prospect in the Yankees deep organization, while Devers does not even rank in the top 30. However, the biggest reason the Marlins decided to make the trade was due to the fact that the Yankees agreed to pay $265 of Stanton’s $295 million deal. Former Yankee shortstop and legend, Derek Jeter, was part of the group that recently bought the Marlins and decided that the team could not be profitable with Stanton’s ginormous contract on the books. Due to the size of the his contract, very few teams could meet the team’s needs and pay a majority of his contract. In addition, Stanton had a full no-trade clause and stated that he would not accept a trade to either the Cardinals or Giants, two of his main suitors. This gave the Yankees so much more power and leverage, which enabled them to give up so much less in terms of prospects.

The addition of Stanton gives the team another bat to a lineup, which was already one of the best in the league. Stanton is coming off of a year, in which, he had one of the best power seasons by a non-steroid user. Stanton blasted 59 home runs, 132 RBI, and 123 runs with posting a slash of .281/.376/.631. Stanton will be combined with Aaron Judge, Didi Gregarious, Gary Sanchez, Brett Gardner, and Greg Bird. Judge is the best power hitter in the American League as he led the league with 52 home runs. Now the Yankees have by far the two best home run hitters in MLB. If Judge and Stanton played together last year, there 111 home runs would have second most among teammates in MLB history. The only duo that had more than this combo was Maris and Mantle in 1961 for the Yankees when they combined for 115. Along with Judge, Sanchez has established himself as one of the best hitters in the league. After starting the year slowly, Sanchez heated up during the stretch run and collected 33 home runs and drove in 90 RBIs. The middle of the order of Judge, Stanton, and Sanchez is going to strike fear into every team as they should hit over 130 homers in home run friendly Yankees Stadium and account for over 300 RBIs.

The supplementary pieces of Gregarious, Gardner, and Bird will lengthen the lineup to the point where at least seven to eight of there hitters will be either above average or elite. The one wild card in the group will be super prospect, Gleybar Torres. Torres is considered by many the best prospect in all of baseball and should be able to play either second or third. Due to the recent success of Yankees’ callups, there is no reason to believe that Torres cannot provide an immediate impact for the team and thrive toward the bottom of the order. However, this offense still has their flaws. Many of their stars are right handed, which can be neutralized by right handed pitching. In addition, although the power is immense, they do repeatedly strike out, especially against elite starting pitching. In the playoffs, the team can get overwhelmed by quality pitching due to their inability to hit for average. Even though these are realistic concerns, the team should boast the best offense in the league and may be able to break some of major league baseball records relating to home runs.

The interesting part about this deal for Stanton is that there are still many questions and moves that the team can make in the future. The most immediate concern is to see if the team can reach their goal of having a payroll under the luxury tax threshold of $197 million. Due to losing Castro’s cap number, the team will have a chance to reach their goal. Currently, people estimate that the Yankees should have about $18 million to spend on free agents. A majority of this total will have to go toward signing a pitcher, whether it be CC Sabathia, Lance Lynn, or Alex Cobb. The remaining salary should either be saved in hope that during the season, the Yanks can acquire a front of the rotation starter at the deadline like this year. Due to the amount of prospects they have at their disposal, such as Clint Frazier, Estevan Florial, Chance Adams, the Yankees can go after any pitcher. Personally, the pitcher that the Yankees should be targeting at the deadline is superstar pitcher Madison Bumgarner. MadBum has already demonstrated that he may be the best postseason pitcher in the history of baseball and there is a chance that the Giants would trade their ace for the right package. If the Giants are underwhelming again and the Yankees offer a strong enough package, the Giants would have to think long a hard about the offer. However, the most interesting question is what will happen next offseason when many stars become free agents. The current belief around baseball is that the team would not sign Harper after trading for Stanton because Harper, Stanton, and Judge all play the same position. Theoretically, the team could use Harper in left field, but this seems extraordinarily unlikely. The most likely scenario for the team if they decide to spend aggressively during free agency would be to sign third baseman Manny Machado. Machado would be a perfect fit for the team because he can play third base and replace Chase Headley. Machado has experience playing in the AL East, is an incredible hitter, star defender, and does not have a huge ego, unlike Harper. The addition of Machado would make the Yankees lineup borderline unfair. The Yankees would be spending an absurd amount of money, but that lineup would be incredible:

  1. Gardner (LF)
  2. Judge (RF)
  3. Bird (1B)
  4. Stanton (DH)
  5. Gregarious (SS)
  6. Machado (3B)
  7. Sanchez (C)
  8. Torres (2B)
  9. Hicks (CF)

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