NFL Playoff Previews and Predictions: Divisional Round

Last Week: 3-1

Against the Spread: 2-2

Baltimore Ravens +7 vs New England Patriots:

The Ravens ability to run the ball effectively and confuse Tom Brady has enabled them to achieve more success in Foxborough than any other team in the NFL. This Patriot team is closer to the dynasty teams because they have a very talented defense and their running game has improved since the addition of Blount.

Patriots win 23-20

Ravens with the Points

Carolina Panthers +11.5 vs Seattle Seahawks:

During the Panthers’ recent hot streak, Luke Keuchley and Thomas Davis have led the Panthers stout defense while Jonathan Stewart has given the Panthers a semblance of a running game. Similar to last season, the Seahawks seem like a team on a mission because their defense is playing better than last season and the combination of Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch is nearly impossible to stop on the ground.

Seahawks win 20-6


Dallas Cowboys +6 at Green Bay Packers:

The Cowboys may have been assisted during their last game against the Lions, but the team showed that the defense could make stops during crunch time and Tony Romo displayed a clutchness that had not been seen in recent years. The Packers’ hopes solely rest on the legs of Aaron Rodgers, even though they have a solid defense and a running game with Eddy Lacy.

Packers win 27-24

Cowboys with the Points

Indianapolis Colts +7 at Denver Broncos:

The Colts’ entire chance of winning is dependent on the play of Andrew Luck because their defense cannot stop any offenses and the running game is nonexistent. The Denver Broncos have faced many questions over the past weeks, many of those involving Peyton Manning. However, the extra week should give many of players time to heal.

Broncos win 35-27


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