Fantasy Football Strategies for 2017

Fantasy football has been around for decades and instead of slowing down the whole industry is only heating up. You can turn on your satellite radio, television, or computer and instantly be greeted by fantasy football news and advice. With the 2017 fantasy football season around the corner we are going to be joining the noise in order to bring you some of the best advice you could hope to get. The 2017 fantasy football season is about to begin, drafts are coming, and leagues are ready to be won. Are you ready to hoist the trophy? Listed below you’ll find our tried and trued advice to enjoying a successful 2017 fantasy season.

Diversify Your Leagues
Before you go to the draft you need to take a moment to look at HOW you are drafting. The most common form of fantasy football over the past decade has been the season long format that platforms like ESPN and the NFL have made so popular. In these formats you pick a team and ride with them for a full 14 weeks, or 16 if your league goes the whole year. These leagues are a ton of fun because you get to grow with your team and develop them over the course of the whole year. However, daily fantasy sports are also giving players a unique opportunity. DRAFT is an extremely popular daily fantasy site that gives gamers the chance to use the fantasy draft format in order to play in weekly leagues against players around the world with huge monetary prizes in the middle. Try each league and see which one treats you well!

Research, Research, Research
We don’t expect you to turn into Adam Schefter overnight but if you are going to succeed in fantasy football this season, particularly during the draft, you are going to have to do some major research. Fortunately for us the internet exists and the fantasy football industry is booming. You can find custom tailored Twitter feeds of the latest breaking news related to the NFL. Use this to your advantage. Don’t be the guy selecting Cameron Meredith in the 5th round because you didn’t see him tear his ACL five minutes ago during meaningless pre-season action. Along with social media news you can also find mock drafting rooms, drafting cheat sheets, and average draft position information.

Evaluate Your League
If you are playing fantasy football for the first time then you likely don’t know all of the little twists involved in a fantasy football league’s scoring system. Each system is going to be a little bit different and those differences can add up. If you are in a fantasy league that offers 6 points for passing touchdowns then suddenly quarterbacks are a whole lot more valuable. If you are in a fantasy league that offers PPR settings, which means points per reception, then slot receivers are worth a whole lot more. Analyze your league’s scoring system and then tailor your draft to those rules. You’ll be shocked by the kind of value you can get from your draft by approaching it this way.

Understand Key Positions
Travis Kelce is an elite tight end. He is probably the #2 tight end off the board. Still, don’t pick him until super late in the draft. The top tight end in fantasy football will fail to outscore the #10 wide receiver. The #10 wide receiver will struggle to outscore the #15 running back. Do you see where we are going with this? Focus on elite positions first.