Story Lines for Week 7

1) Can Jets’ number 1 defense stop the Patriots’ number 1 offense?

The most interesting matchup of the season will take place in Foxborough. During the preseason, very few believed that the Jets had enough talent on offense to make┬áthis a highly anticipated game. However, they have proved doubters wrong due to their number one ranking scoring defense and number seven scoring offense. The Jets defense has held opponents to 15 points per game, best in league, 15 turnovers, third best in league, 82.6 rushing yards per game, second best in league, and 186.6 passing yards per game, second best in league. The Jets have stars all over the defense, Revis, Cromartie, Wilkerson, Richardson, Williams, and Harris. However, the biggest surprise has been the offensive attack due to their great offensive line. Their offensive line has paved the way for the number one rushing attack in the league and has allowed only two sacks. While the Jets have been impressive, no team has been better than the defending champions, New England Patriots. Although they do not have a great running game, nearly 100 yards per game, Tom Brady has led the Pats to 325 passing yards per game, second best. Although they do not have a great down field threat, the combination of Amendola, Edelman, and Gronk has made the Pats’ mid range passing attack nearly impossible to defend.

2) Will the Seahawks’ defense return to their former dominance?

During each of the past three years, the Hawks have led the league in scoring defense. However, this season, they have taken a dramatic step back and have fallen all the way to 11th in the league while allowing over 20 points per game. Although the Seahawks ranked number 5 in yards allow per game, they have not been able to stop opponents during the most important moments of the game. As seen in the game against the Rams and Panthers, the Legion of Boom was unable to stop a game winning drive.

3) If Landry Jones starts for the Steelers, can he lead them to another win?

Since Ben Roethlisberger went down with a knee injury against the St. Louis Rams, the Steelers have remarkably won 2 out of the 3 games, including one against the heavily favored Arizona Cardinals. During their first two games, the Steelers were able to win in spite of Mike Vick because the defense played great and Le’Veon Bell showed why he was one of the best running backs in the league. Week 6 looked to be a similar struggle (Vick had one passing yard at the half), until Jones took over in the second half. During the second half, Jones led the Steelers on two touchdown drives and threw for over 150 yards without a pick. If Jones needs to lead the Steelers again this week against the Chiefs, the Steelers should feel confident because of how comfortable Jones looked in the pocket and the amount of weapons he has at his disposal.