Which teams took the biggest step forward during the MLB Trade Deadline

Biggest Winners

Toronto Blue Jays

Over the past year, the Jays have taken a monumental step forward with the additions of Josh Donaldson, Russell Martin, David Price, Troy Tulowitzki, and Ben Revere. Although the Jays dumped many of their top prospects and committed tens of millions of dollars, they feel that their squad has the potential to make the playoffs. Toronto was willing to possibly risk their future for immediate success because they have the longest active playoff drought. Although the division may be difficult to claim, they should win the second wild card and have Price start the sudden death game. In addition to Price, the combination of Martin, Donaldson, Tulo, and Revere has given the Jays the best offense in the entire MLB and it is not even close.

Kansas City Royals

Before the trading deadline, the Royals were the best team in the AL, but they did not have an ace. If the Royals had an ace last season, they may have won the World Series championship against the Giants. However, during the deadline, the Royals were able to acquire Johnny Cueto. Although it needs to be seen if he can pitch during the postseason, since he has experienced troubles in the past, he has been one of the ten best pitchers in the league over the past three seasons. In addition to Cueto, Zobrist is a professional hitter that will give the Royals many options because he can bat anywhere in the order and play anywhere in the field.

Philadelphia Phillies

After nearly two years of non stop rumors, the Phillies finally decided to deal Cole Hamels to the Rangers. Although they traded their best player, they were able net quite a haul from the Rangers. The Phillies were able to claim 3 of the Rangers 6 best players, Thompson, SP, Williams, CF, and Alfaro, C, in addition to a quality starter, Matt Harrison. Along with Hamels, Philly dealt Revere to the Blue Jays for two pitching prospects, Cordero and Tirado. The Phillies needed to deal their two elderly starters in order to expedite their rebuilding process.

Biggest Loser

San Diego Padres

Throughout July, every baseball analyst believed that the Padres would have a fire sale. The Padres had many top flight players, Upton, Ross, Cashner, Kimbrel, Benoit, Veneble and Shieds, that could be dealt for quality prospects. Instead, the Padres decided to foolishly keep their stars in hope that they could make a postseason run, although they are currently 7.5 games out of the wild card. The Padres could have changed their future for the better. It was reported that the Padres could have acquired stud shortstop Jorge Mateo while relinquishing the contracts of Kimbrel and Gyrko, but turned down the offer.