Shocking moves that occurred during the first days of NFL Free Agency

Miami Dolphins:

Signed: Ndamukong Suh, 6 years $114 million ($60 million guaranteed), Jordan Cameron 2 years $15 million

Lost: Jared Odrick, Brian Hartline, potentially Charles Clay

The Dolphins lost a nice player in Jared Odrick in the middle of the defensive line, but replaced him with the best defensive tackle in the NFL. The Dolphins’ defense should dramatically improve because Suh can transcend a defense due to his pass rushing and run stuffing ability.

San Francisco 49ers:

Signed: Torrey Smith, 5 years $40 million ($22 million guaranteed) and Darnell Dockett, 2 years $7.5 million ($2 million guaranteed)

Lost: Mike Iupati, Patrick Willis, Justin Smith, Frank Gore, potentially Michael Crabtree, Chris Culliver

The 49ers have been absolutely destroyed by player’s decisions this offseason, which could send them to the bottom of the NFC West cellar. The once great 49ers defense will face many questions.

Philadelphia Eagles:

Acquired: Kiko Alonso, Sam Bradford, Byron Maxwell, 6 years $63 million ($25 million guaranteed), DeMarco Murray, 5 years $40 million ($21 million guaranteed), Ryan Matthews, 3 years $11 million ($5 million guaranteed)

Lost: Cary Williams, LeSean McCoy, Nick Foles, Jeremy Maclin, Trent Cole, Todd Hermanns

The Eagles lost a lot of talent on offense over the past two seasons, Maclin, McCoy, Foles, Jackson, The Eagles have not been the winner of the offseason since Maxwell was grossly overpaid and Sam Bradford is a huge question mark due to his injury history. However, Kiko Alonso is a solid, young, inexpensive linebacker. The Eagles hope that the combination of Ryan Matthews and DeMarco Murray will keep them healthy and extremely effective.

Seattle Seahawks:

Obtained: Jimmy Graham, Cary Williams, 3 years $18 million ($7 million guaranteed)

Lost: James Carpenter, Byron Maxwell

The two time defending NFC Champions has significantly improved this season, offensively and defensively. Although they lost a starter in Maxwell, Williams should be able to be a quality starter alongside the best secondary in the league. However, the addition of Graham is game changing. Graham is one of the best tight ends in the game and should enhance their offense.

New York Jets:

Signed: Darrelle Revis 5 years $70 million ($39 million guaranteed), Buster Skrines 4 years $25 million ($13 million guaranteed), Antonio Cromartie 4 years $32 million ($16 million guaranteed), Brandon Marshall, James Carpenter 4 years $19 million, Ryan Fitzpatrick

The Jets realized that they had a problem with their secondary and decided to solve the problem by spending over $125 million. Combined with their great front 3, the Jets should possess one of the best defenses in the league. In addition, the Jets’ offense should improve with a legitimate number one receiver, Brandon Marshall and a reliable quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick.