Which Teams Won the MLB Offseason


Chicago Cubs:

Major Additions: Dexter Fowler, Jon Lester, Jason Hammel, Miguel Montero

Major Subtractions: None

Grade: A

Analysis: The Cubs were able to sign a legitimate ace in Jon Lester and a suitable starter in Jason Hammel. The Cubs have the best farm system because of their position player depth, but they did not have a top pitching prospect. This season, they should be extremely exciting and a borderline playoff team.

Chicago White Sox:

Major Additions: Jeff Samardizja, David Robertson, Melky Cabrera, Zach Duke, Adam Laroche

Major Subtractions: Marcus Semien, Paul Konerko

Grade: A-

Analysis: Albeit only for one season, the White Sox were able to acquire a top of the rotation starter without losing a major league starter. In addition, they dramatically improved their bullpen and a quality bat.

Miami Marlins:

Major Additions: Martin Prado, Michael Morse, Matt Latos, Dee Gordon, Dan Haren

Major Subtractions: Nathan Eovaldi

Grade: A-

Analysis: After the Marlins re-signed Giancarlo Stanton to the largest contract in MLB history and nearly finishing .500 last season, the Marlins became aggressive in hope that the return of Jose Fernandez and a young talented core will lead them to a playoffs.


Atlanta Braves:

Major Additions: Nick Markakis and Shelby Miller

Major Subtractions: Ervin Santana, Justin Upton, Evan Gattis, Jason Heyward

Grade: C-

Analysis: The Braves traded away three of their best offensive players and let go of one of their best starters sign with the Twins. Unfortunately, they did not receive enough young talent to  revamp their below average farm system.

Baltimore Orioles:

Major Additions: None

Major Subtractions: Andrew Miller, Nelson Cruz, Nick Markakis

Grade: D

Analysis: The Orioles won the division last season, but failed to re-sign three major contributors. In addition, they did not sign anyone of note to replace Miller or Cruz.

San Francisco Giants:

Major Additions: Nori Aoki, Casey McGehee

Major Subtractions: Michael Morse, Pablo Sandoval

Grade: C-

Analysis: The Giants lost one of the best postseason players in MLB history and replaced him with Casey McGehee. Although they have numerous questions in their pitching rotation, they did not sign or trade for the top of the line starting pitcher that they needed.