Grading MLB Offseason Moves before Winter Meetings

New York Yankees:

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The Yankees have done all of their shopping thus far on one day as they traded for 24 year old shortstop, Didi Gregorious, and nasty, lefty relief pitcher Andrew Miller. Gregorious has not experienced much success offensively, .243 (average)/ .313 (on-base percentage)/ .366 (slugging percentage), but he has been touted as a very good defensive shortstop with great range. Andrew Miller, originally a lefty specialist, has become one of the best relievers over the past three seasons, 2.56 ERA and 13.65 Strikeout/9 innings, and can replace David Robertson, if the Yankees choose to not re-sign their former closer.

Remaining Needs: 1B/3B, SP, and RP

Grade: A-

Boston Red Sox:

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The Red Sox made the two largest deals of the offseason as they signed Pablo Sandoval, 5 years-$95 million, and Hanley Ramirez, 4 years-$88 million. Sandoval has been great during postseason play over the past five season and his defense is above average, but he must hit more than 16 home runs and record more  than 73 RBI. The addition of Ramirez was very puzzling because he is frequently injured and the Sox already have a third baseman and shortstop so he will be forced to play left field, although he has never played their before this season. However, no one will deny Ramirez’s hitting ability with a career slash of .300/.373/.500.

Remaining Needs: two SP

Grade: B

Toronto Blue Jays:

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Like their AL East counterparts, the Blue Jays made two big deals this offseason as they signed catcher Russell Martin, 5 years-$82 million, and traded for third baseman Josh Donaldson. Martin does not have the traditional stats to warrant a huge deal, but Martin gets on base at a very high clip, .402 on base percentage last year, plays very good defense behind the plate, and is a proven winner, 6 playoff appearances in the last 7 years. The Jays were forced to give up a few promising prospects for Donaldson, but Donaldson is one of the best all around players baseball as he has averaged 27 home runs, 95 RBI, 91 runs, and 2.7 defensive WAR while finishing top 8 in the AL MVP voting the past two seasons.

Remaining Needs: SP

Grade: A

Arizona Diamondbacks:

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The Diamondbacks made one of the boldest moves of the offseason by signing Cuban defector Yasmany Tomas, 6 years-$68.5 million. Although their are many question marks, Tomas has an incredibly strong lower body, like Jose Abreu and Yasiel Puig, which allows him to possess incredible raw power, even though he does not possess the same hitting talent as Puig or Abreu.

Remaining Needs: Lots

Grade: A-

Seattle Mariners:

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The Mariners realized that they were devoid of power from the right side so they decided to buy the best right handed power hitter on the market, Nelson Cruz. Cruz came back from his PED suspension and put forth a monster season for Orioles, .271 average, 40 home runs, 108 RBI, and 87 runs.

Remaining More offense

Grade: A-