How Good Can Buffalo Be In 2014?

By: Brad Carrion of FanDuel

Out of all the 2-0 teams in the NFL right now, the biggest surprise without question has been the Buffalo Bills. They have taken on two very tough teams in the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins, and they have been able to score at will. The defense has been strong as well, making this a very good team so far in 2014. The question is, can this franchise actually be a playoff contender despite their flaws?

In the 1st week of the regular season, Buffalo faced a daunting task by going to Soldier Field and taking on the Chicago Bears. All they were able to do was put up some pretty nice points at the most opportune times, and that led to an overtime victory. They showed their composure, which is pretty impressive considering that they have a pretty young offense right now that they are relying on.

Chicago is not exactly a team that has a very tough defense, so some people wondered just how good they would be in week 2 when they would face the Miami Dolphins. Remember, Miami was coming off a very impressive win of their own in week 1 against the New England Patriots. Even though they were traveling to Buffalo, quite a few people thought that Miami was the better team on paper. It ended up being a blowout, as Buffalo scored 29 more points and held the Dolphins to just 10.

The naysayers will say that Miami was at a disadvantage once Knowshon Moreno went down with a pretty significant elbow injury that will keep them out for a few weeks. While missing their best fantasy football player definitely handicapped them a little bit, Buffalo was able to dominate on both sides of the ball for most the game. This was not a close contest, and all of a sudden Buffalo looks like the real deal.

Sammy Watkins was probably the most impressive player on offense for Buffalo, as he had his 1st and looked overwhelmed at times. In week 2, he was able to finish with 117 yards and a touchdown at wide receiver. Buffalo traded up to get him this draft, so they feel like he is going to be a focal point of the offense for the next several years. As long as he develops a very strong relationship with EJ Manuel, the 2 players can certainly benefit each other.

Special teams were also very strong for Buffalo in the week to contest against Miami. Every single part of special teams is playing well, and it looks like Buffalo made the right moves during the summer to improve compared to a year ago. CJ Spiller had the highlight of the day by taking off for a 102 yard kickoff return in the 2nd effectively ended the chances for Miami as they had a little bit of momentum going.

New England is still going to be considered the favorite in the AFC East and so they are dethroned. However, Buffalo has shown that they can go up against some of the best teams in the NFL and have success. After a 2-0 start, it probably is not time to go out and regular performance at the NFL level. In week 1, he was a bit banged up half. His play try to purchase playoff tickets just yet. However, this team is starting to come together able but sooner than some people thought. With a strong defense and in improving offense, this team could be very dangerous all season long as a playoff contender.