Fantasy Football outlook for week 2 in the NFL

By: Jon



Mike Vick
Mike Vick

This week their are a number of interesting options regarding the quarterback position for fantasy football. After one of the greatest performances in NFL history, Peyton Manning will attempt to repeat his success against the New York Giants. Top quarterbacks that will be facing poor pass defenses this week are RG3, Rodgers, Wilson, Vick, Stafford, and Manning. Besides for Rodgers, who is by far the best quarterback in the bunch, Michael Vick will probably have the best week among the other five fantasy quarterbacks. Vick had a solid week against the Redskins and should hope to improve on his stats. Vick has the ability to rush and pass for touchdowns, which can make him fantasy gold. The Chargers are not a good defense and the Eagles new offensive scheme should exploit their deficiencies. Although Vick only accumulated about 200 yards passing, he totaled 25 fantasy points because he scored three touchdowns overall. This week the Eagles will probably not give the ball to McCoy 30+ times, so I expect Vick to throw more and display better fantasy numbers. The top quarterback who I would avoid this week is Colin Kaepernick. The young signal caller is leading the 49ers into the great northwest to play the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks should their tremendous defense last week against Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. Cam was only able to collect 12 fantasy points while throwing for 125 yards and a touchdown. Cam is similar to Colin because he can run and throw effectively. Last week, the Seahawks were able to confuse Cam while playing on the road. Seattle is the best team in football, when they play on their home turf. CenturyLink Field is one of the toughest places to play in the league because the crowd is loud and the Seahawks play twice as well at home than on the road. A quarterback who I would take a chance on for this week is be Sam Bradford. Bradford is facing the Atlanta Falcons, who is one of the worst defense teams in the league. The Rams will be forced to throw the ball and score a lot of points to match the Falcons’ potent offense. Bradford tallied 19 points last week and should be able to at least repeat his performance this week.

Analysis on other QBs:

Start: P. Manning, Rodgers, Brees, Ryan, Manning, Stafford, Bradford, Pryor, Vick, and Wilson

Sit: Luck, Schaub, Rivers, Palmer, and Flacco


Running Backs:

Matt Forte
Matt Forte

The running backs did not have many big performances last week, 4 20+ point scorers. The lack of running opportunities has caused a decrease in points. Multiple teams are using 2 or 3 man running groups, which takes away a lot of points from players. Many of the top runners from last week are playing top defenses, which should scare fantasy owners. Matt Forte is my average player who should have a big week. Last week, Forte scored 15 points while running for 50 yards and a touchdown. Forte is playing the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings did a horrible job last week at containing the running backs of the Detroit Lions. Forte should be able to score a few touchdowns and tally a lot of yards from scrimmage. Forte has the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield, which is useful for a fantasy player because they get a lot more points. Forte is the main running back for the Bears and should not get under 25 touches during the game. A running back that I would be wary of starting is Arian Foster. Fantasy owners should try trading him because he is consistently injured and is losing carries to Ben Tate. Foster did not play at all during the preseason so he is rusty and needs a more reps to return to his form. The Texans are playing the Tennessee Titans, who have one of the best rush defenses in the league. Gary Kubiak has stated that he wants to give Ben Tate more touches because of the success he has experienced. Foster should obviously be started because he was the number one pick of many owners, but he will not perform as expected. The surprise of the week will be Darren McFadden. McFadden is one of the few running backs that will always get 20 touches per game because he is the lone RB on the Raiders’ roster and the Raiders do not throw much with Terrelle Pryor. McFadden will be playing the Jags, who were burned last week by Jamaal Charles for 175 yards. McFadden should record at least one touchdown and 100 yards from scrimmage. Darren will score at least double digit points so put him in your starting roster.

Other running backs:

Start: Peterson, Bush, McCoy, Forte, Charles, Rice, McFadden, Lacy, Martin, D. Richardson, Morris, Williams, Johnson, and Lynch

Sit: Bell, Jackson, Murray, T. Richardson, MJD, and Spiller


Wide Receivers:

Julio Jones
Julio Jones

Last week, fourteen wide receivers recorded more than 15 fantasy points last week. Offenses have decided to pass more often, which has allowed wide receivers to score more fantasy points. Last week, many high profiled wide receivers had huge games, which benefited fantasy owners. Julio Jones should have a huge week two, after an average week one performance. Although Jones has a knee injury, he should be able to perform at a high level. Roddy White has been experiencing a nagging ankle, which has limited his playing time. Jones is one of the best wide receivers in the league because he is big, physical, and fast. Jones is going against the St. Louis Rams, who allowed 20 fantasy points to Larry Fitzgerald. Jones will have the ability to score more points because he has Matt Ryan throwing to him and he is playing at home. Jones should have a 20+ point game while recording 100+ yards and two touchdowns. Fantasy owners should be wary of wide receiver Dez Bryant. Bryant had a horrible week last season against the Giants, when he recorded only two points and 22 yards receiving. Although Dez has big play potential, he has a ankle injury that may limit his big play ability. The Cowboys have a lot of wide receiver depth, which takes passes away from Bryant. Jason Written and Miles Austin were targeted a lot more often than Bryant, especially in the red zone. If Bryant cannot physically dominate his opponent because of his ankle, Bryant’s stats will be down and his points will be disappointing. Hakeem Nicks should be a big sleeper this week for fantasy owners. Although he is owned in almost every leagues, Nicks is on most people’s bench, instead of in their starting roster. Nicks is a talented wide receiver and should excel in the Giants’ game against the Broncos. The Giants will be throwing the ball early and often to keep up with Peyton and the Broncos’ offense. The Giants have a lot of options, but Nicks should be open because of the attention given to Victor Cruz. I expect Nicks to record a touchdown and at least 50 or 60 yards receiving.

Other wide receivers:

Start: C. Johnson, A. Green, B. Marshall, J. Jones, D. Thomas, V. Jackson, A. Johnson, R. Cobb, L. Fitzgerald, W. Welker, V. Cruz, and R. Wayne

Sit: D. Bryant, R. White, M. Wallace, M. Colston, J. Jones, and P. Garcon


Tight Ends:

Julius Thomas
Julius Thomas

Although the tight end has been one of the worst fantasy positions over the years, the league has started to change the fantasy tight end position has been improving as well. Many tight ends have become big wide receivers, which has enable them to physically dominate their defenders. The tight end that should have the biggest game this week is Julius Thomas. Thomas had a breakout game last week, which came to the surprise of almost every fan. However, it should not have came as a surprise because Peyton Manning has been able to do great things with tight ends. From Jacob Tamme to Dallas Clark, Peyton has always looked to the tight end as a safety blanket. The Giants have been horrible at defending the tight end. The Giants do not have great linebackers, so they are unable to guard quality tight ends. Jason Written has been known to have huge games against the Giants linebackers. The middle of the field should be open for Thomas since the safeties will have to give help to Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker. Fantasy owners should expect a lot of yards and a touchdown or two from the big tight end. A tight end that may not produce as expected is Jason Written. After another great effort against the Giants, Written heads to Arrowhead to play the Chiefs. The Chiefs have been good at defending the tight end position over the last few years, less than 6 points per game. The Chiefs are a good team with a really good defense. Romo will be under a lot of pressure because the Chiefs have a talented front seven. Also, Written may be guarded by stud safety Eric Berry, who is strong and fast. Although Written may put up okay numbers, do not expect the Tennessee grad to hit double digits against the stingy Chiefs’ defense. A tight end that I would take a chance on this week is Brent Celek. The Eagles’ tight end has always been a consistent performer for Vick and the Eagles offense. The Eagles like to throw quick short passes to tire the defense. Celek had a good first game of the season, 11 points. The Eagles will be throwing more this game, since they will probably not be up by 20+ points. The Chargers have not been good at defending the tight end position so Celek should accumulate at least 10 points this week.

Other tight ends:

Start: Cook, Thomas, Davis, Cameron, Finley, Graham, Gonzalez, Celek, and Clark

Sit: Written, Rudolph, Daniels, Olsen, and Pettigrew


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Predicting the Mayweather vs Alvarez fight

By: Evan


Either Floyd or Canelo will lose his perfect record
Courtesy of ESPN

In what will clearly be the fight of the year Floyd “Money” Mayweather will face off against Mexican hero Saul “Canelo” Alvarez this Saturday in Las Vegas. This fight has been hyped up since its announcement four months ago and now the moment has finally arrived. Both fighters are extremely talented and gifted, but both have different ways of stifling opponents. Floyd is one of the greatest counter-punchers of all time and likes to wear down bigger fighters and then attack with flurries in the later rounds. This strategy has worked magic for Floyd as he has a perfect record of 44-0. Canelo has devastating power with both hands and has 30 KOs in 42 wins. This will be a great fight for fans and will prove who is truly the pound for pound king. Here are some key factors for the fight.


Experience: Mayweather


Is Canelo ready to face Floyd on the big stage?
Courtesy of Sports Inquirer

Floyd clearly wins this category as he has been dominating boxing since he was a teen in the Olympics. He has fought big fights against Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto and Zab Judah and knows how to perform on the big stage. Canelo will have to deal with the MGM crowd and all the lights on him. Floyd uses the bright lights to his advantage as younger opponents usually come out trying to attack as Floyd ducks and dodges and eventually wears his foes down. Canelo will have the backing of all of Mexico, but the MGM is home for Floyd.


Strength: Alvarez


Canelo has scary knockout power
Courtesy of Golden Boy Promotions

Since there was a catchweight for this fight, Canelo had to weight 152 at weigh in. After making weight, Canelo will probably gain back some weight and end up fighting around 165, which is around where he normally fights. Canelo is a straight shooter with a lot of knockout power in both hands. He will have to channel this power as Floyd picks apart bigger fighters with his speed and smarts. If Canelo can get to the body, he might have a shot to land some nice power combinations on Money and potentially win this fight.


Speed: Mayweather


Floyd’s speed will be crucial for a victory
Courtesy of Bleacher Report

This one is a no doubter as Floyd might be one of the quickest boxers of all time and that is saying something. Despite his 36 year old body, Floyd is still fast and hardly gets hit as Compu-Box reported that Robert Guerrero only landed 19% of his punches in Floyd’s last fight. Now Canelo is a different animal and a much better fighter, Floyd will ploy Canelo to throw power punches and then attack with counter punches and try to stymie Canelo’s power. This is Floyd’s significant advantage and this will be key for a Mayweather victory.




Will Floyd be smiling after tonight? I think so.
Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Canelo has been working with Oscar De La Hoya and Shane Mosley, two fighters that gave Mayweather some trouble in the past. Both still ended up losing in a deciding fashion and Floyd kept his zero. Floyd is fighting for the second time in four moths which he hasn’t done since 2002, so this will be a significant change for boxing’s best. In the end, Mayweather should win by decision, doing enough in the later rounds to show the judges that he is a better fighter. Canelo will have some success in the early rounds, but won’t have the legs to fight with Floyd towards the end of the fight. Money remains undefeated and earns over 50 million for this mega-fight.