2013-2014 Jacksonville Jaguars Preview

By: Jon


Projected Record: 4-12

AFC South Rank: 4th


Blaine Gabbert
Blaine Gabbert

After a disappointing season last year, the Jaguars will be returning almost all of the same starters as last season. The Jaguars will be led by third year quarterback Blaine Gabbert. Gabbert was only able to play half of the games last season because of injuries and ineffectiveness. Gabbert has shown flashes of success and potential, but he has not been able to sustain his success for a game, let alone a season. Gabbert may have his best group of receivers and running backs this season. On the outside, the Jaguars have Justin Blackmon, Cecil Shorts, Mercedes Lewis, and athlete Denard Robinson. Justin Blackmon, fifth overall pick in 2012 draft, is one of the most talented wide receivers to come out of college in the last few years. During his rookie season, Blackmon caught 64 passes, recorded 864 yards, and tallied 5 touchdowns. Blackmon has the size and physical ability to become a true number one receiver in the NFL. Along with Blackmon, Cecil Shorts looks like he can become a proficient wide receiver, after a 979 yard campaign. At the running back position, the Jaguars have one of the best in the game, Maurice Jones Drew. Although MJD is not the back that can carry a team to 6-7 wins just by himself anymore, he is a solid back who is easily able to record 1000+ yards and 7+ touchdowns. Last year, Jones Drew was injured for all but six games. Over the previous three seasons, Drew rushed for about 4500 yards and scored 28 touchdowns against teams that would focus on him instead of the passing game. The Jaguars should improve on their 30th ranked offense in the league last season.

Tyson Alualu
Tyson Alualu

On defense, the Jaguars were not better than their 30th ranked offense. The defense was ranked 29th in points allowed per game. The Jaguars have six new starters including two rookies on defense. Although they have new players, they still do not have a lot of talent. In the secondary, the Jags are starting two rookies at cornerback and safety. The rookies may make a few mistakes and blunders, but they should be able to grow and gain experience through their mistakes. Although he is not a great talent, Dwight Lowery has played a lot of NFL games and should be a mentor for the young players. The linebacking corp should be the best group on the Jaguars defense. Last year, Paul Posluszny and Russell Allen combined for over 240 tackles. Although they do not rush the quarterback, they are stout agains the run and strike fear into the receivers going across the middle. The front four of the Jaguars could be the most underrated part of their defense. On the edge, the Jags have Tyson Alualu and Jason Babin. Although they do not have a stud on the front line like other teams, Babin can be a solid pass rusher and Alualu is a stud against the run. Although they do not have many notable players, the Jags defense can become a solid unit if they play inspired and together as a team.

Schedule Analysis:

Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs are a talented team that should make significant progress this season with a new coach and quarterback. The Jags will be unable to score score enough points to keep up with the talented Chiefs offense. Although they will play with a lot of emotion since it is their season opener, he Jags will lose their first game.

@Oakland Raiders – In one of the worst games of the season, the Raiders will beat the Jaguars at home. Both teams have little talent. It will be the new Raiders offense versus the new Jags defense. Although Pryor is not good, the Jags defense is horrible and the Raiders should score enough points to win.

@Seattle Seahawks – The Jags have no chance against Seahawks on the road. The Seahawks are the best team when they play at home and the Jaguars are one of the worst teams on the road. This game should be over in the third or early fourth quarter.

Indianapolis Colts – The Colts surprised a lot teams by winning 11 games and making the playoffs. Luck will torment the Jags young secondary. Luck will be the ┬ábest quarterback they have seen and will be unprepared for the skill and intelligence of the Colts.

@St. Louis Rams – The Rams look like a team that will take the next step in the NFC. When the Rams play at home, they are a dangerous team because they are incredibly quick and the turf makes them even quicker. The Jags will keep the game close, but they will ultimately lose and fall to 0-5.

@Denver Broncos – The young corners will go to school against Peyton Manning. The Jags do not have the ability to apply pressure or guard the receivers so Manning may be able to duplicate his ridiculous outing. The game in the high altitude will affect the Jaguars who are not used to the altitude.

San Diego Chargers – The Jaguars will get their first win of the season against the Chargers at home. They will be happy to return home from two road games. Although they will not have much support from the crowd, the players will be motivated to get their first win of the season.

San Francisco 49ers – The defending NFC champs will have little trouble mutilating the bad Jags. The Jaguars will have a lot of difficulty scoring against the physical and fierce 49ers’ defense. The Jags will go into the bye week with a horrible game and a 1-7 record.

@Tennessee Titans – After the bye, the Jaguars head to Tennessee in a game that they can win. Although the Jags will play hard against a fellow division rival, they will come up short and eventually lose to the Titans. The Titans have a little more talent and are playing at home.

Arizona Cardinals – The Cardinals and the Jags are similar teams because they are young and have little talent. In another ugly game, the Jaguars should win because the Cardinals are coming from across the country. Gabbert, MJD, and Blackmon should take advantage of a poor Cardinals team.

@Houston Texans – The Texans are a really good team with a lot of talent. This means that the Jaguars will lose by a lot since the Texans reserves probably has as much talent as the Jaguars starters. The Texans will be able to score a lot of points on the Jags because they are extremely dynamic and the Jags are not good at defense.

@Cleveland Browns – The Jaguars have a good chance to beat the Browns. The Browns do not have a good offense so they will be unable to take advantage of the porous defense. The Jaguars have some talent on offense. The game should be close, but I think the Jags will come through with the win.

Houston Texans –┬áThe Texans are a really good team with a lot of talent. This means that the Jaguars will lose by a lot since the Texans reserves probably has as much talent as the Jaguars starters. The Texans will be able to score a lot of points on the Jags because they are extremely dynamic and the Jags are not good at defense.

Buffalo Bills – The Bills have a young team and quarterback like the Jaguars. The teams are similar because the defense is the weak parts of their games. The game should be relatively high scoring. However, the Bills are likely to win the game because they have more weapons and talent.

Tennessee Titans – The Jaguars should be able to end the season on a high note. The Jaguars need this win unless they want to remain at 3 wins for the season. By the end of the season, the offense should be more coherent. The Jags should win the game and reach their fourth win of the season.

@Indianapolis Colts – The Colts will be fighting for their playoff lives. As Luck accomplished during their first meeting, the Colts are going to throw the ball around the field and destroy their defense. The Jaguars will end a disappointing season with only four wins.

All pics and stats from espn.com