Analyzing and grading the Brandon Jennings trade

By: Jon


Detroit Pistons

Acquired: Brandon Jennings

Gave: Brandon Knight, Khris Middleton, and Viachesla Kravtsov

Grade: B-


Brandon Jennings
Brandon Jennings

Before the Pistons acquired Brandon Jennings, Detroit spent a lot of money in their pursuit to become a playoff team in the East. Although many experts and fans felt that the Pistons were a playoff team before the Jennings trade, Brandon Jennings will solidify the Pistons’ chances of reaching the playoffs this offseason. The Pistons will boast one of the best starting rotations in the East, Drummound, Monroe, Smith, Caldwell-Pope, and Jennings. However, there will be a lot of questions that must be answered during the season. Although the players are individually great players, it is unlikely that they will mesh together and fit well together as a team. The Pistons have two young and talented big men, who should be the future of the team. However, Jennings will not improve the growth of Drummound and Monroe because he is not a typical point guard. Jennings is a point guard who looks for his shot first instead of looking to set up his other teammates. Drummound and Monroe need a point guard who will feed them the ball and allow them to score and improve their games. Besides for not passing, Jennings shoots way too much for a point guard who shoots at such a low percentage. Jennings has a career shooting percentage that is under 40%, which is horrible for point guard. Although Jennings is a point guard and should be setting up his teammates to score, Jennings has averaged only 6 assists per game over his career, while averaging 2.5 turnovers per game. The Pistons should have attempted to re-sign Jose Caulderon because he is great at assisting teammates and improving the game of others. Although he does not have the star power or talent of a player like Jennings, he can turn players like Monroe, Drummound, and Smith into stars. Along with negatively affecting Drummound and Monroe, Jennings relentless shooting may “inspire” Smith to shoot more from the outside. Smith’s biggest weakness is his tendency to shoot from the outside, even though he is a horrible shooter. Jennings will not have the ability or respect to tell Smith to stop shooting from the outside because he is immature and not a leader. Although Jennings has improved the Pistons overall talent level, he may not be a good fit for the Pistons, which may make them unable to reach their full potential.


Milwaukee Bucks

Acquired: Brandon Knight, Khris Middleton, and Viachesla Kravtsov

Gave: Brandon Jennings

Grade: C+

Brandon Knight
Brandon Knight

The Milwaukee Bucks should not have traded Brandon Jennings if they could have signed him for $8 million a season. Unlike the Pistons, Brandon Jennings would have been the Bucks best player, while with the Pistons he will be complementary player. With the Bucks, he would be the best player so fans and experts would not be angry with him shooting the most on the team. Milwaukee needs more fans to come to the arena and this trade will not improve their ticket sales. Although he shoots too much, Jennings is an exciting player and fans would be willing to pay money to see him play in person. The Bucks could have been a playoff team in the East because the East is very weak. The Bucks would have had a solid starting rotation with Jennings, Mayo, Illyasova, and Sanders. The Bucks did not receive great compensation for Brandon Jennings. Although young and talented, Knight is a ‘tweener’. Although Brandon has a point guard’s body, he plays like a shooting guard because he is not a good passer and does not see the floor very well. Last year, Knight averaged 13.3 points and 4 assists. Even though Knight may improve his stats and skills, Knight will never be as good as Jennings. Khris Middleton will be an average back-up small forward in the league. Last season, Middleton averaged 6 points and 2 assists in 19 minutes of play. Kravtsov is a back-up center, but will not make a major impact. The Bucks will be mid to late lottery team, which is the worst position in the NBA because they likely will not make the playoffs and not receive a good prospect. The Bucks should not have traded Jennings because he provides a “wow” factor for fans and is a solid player if he is given the keys to the offense and can shoot as often as he wants to during a game.


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